Craft and Paint Sticks - 12" Inch Premium Grade Wood Stirrers / Paddles - Use For Wood Crafts - Paddle To Mix Epoxy Resin Paint - Case of 1000 Sticks

Craft and Paint Sticks - 12



    SUITABLE FOR CRAFTS AND HOME IMPROVEMENT Mix paint colors, epoxy, resin, and more with this pack of paint stirrers. They have a sturdy quality that makes them resistant to breaking even when stirring thick liquids like epoxy or resin. Mix with ease without breaking. These paint sticks are also wonderful tools to use for arts and crafts and even by home builders or paint contractors. PAINT MIXING STICKS BOX OF 1000 PADDLES Custom Shop Custom Painting Products Custom Shop MIXING STICKS BULK PACK This pack includes 1000 paint mixing sticks/paddles. These are great for school activities, home improvement projects, or professional use. They can be used for woodcrafts for the kids' school projects or kept at hand for mixing paint at home. Paint Sticks 12, Sanded Wooden Paint Mixer, Craft Sticks Bulk, Wooden Paint Stirrers, Craft Sticks 12 Inch, Paint Stick, Paint Stirrer, Paint Mixing Stick, Paint Mixing Sticks, Wood Paint Paddle, Paint Paddle, Paint Paddles, Paint Stir Sticks Bulk Pack, Wood Craft Sticks, Paint Stirring Sticks, Paint Mixing Wood Sticks, Paint Stirring Paddles Bulk, Garden Sticks, Etc ECO-FRIENDLY : Compostable, Biodegradable, and a great alternative to plastic Mix paint colors, epoxy, or resin as the paint sticks are resistant to breaking