Click on the appropriate IM range to view color chips.

If you do not know the IM number, return to the Antiquepage to select a year and make of automobile.

To learn more about auto paint, its history and usage, go to ABOUT AUTO PAINT

Intermix Chip Cards

IM1 thru IM26
IM27 thru IM56
IM57 thru IM78
IM80 thru IM105
IM107 thru IM134
IM135 thru IM162
IM165 thru IM192
IM193 thru IM215
IM216 thru IM245
IM247 thru IM267
IM268 thru IM290
IM291 thru IM311
IM312 thru IM347
IM348 thru IM378
IM379 thru IM403
IM404 thru IM429
IM432 thru IM461
IM462 thru IM489
IM490 thru IM514
IM515 thru IM544
IM545 thru IM582
IM583 thru IM606
IM607 thru IM629

IM630 thru IM649
IM650 thru IM670
IM671 thru IM691
IM692 thru IM716
IM717 thru IM741
IM743 thru IM764
IM765 thru IM785
IM786 thru IM805
IM806 thru IM827
IM828 thru IM850
IM851 thru IM871
IM872 thru IM894
IM896 thru IM915
IM916 thru IM941
IM942 thru IM962
IM963 thru IM988
IM989 thru IM1014
IM1015 thru IM1035
IM1036 thru IM1059
IM1060 thru IM1080
IM1081 thru IM1100
IM1101 thru IM1122
IM1123 thru IM1142
IM1143 thru IM1162
IM1163 thru IM1182

IM1183 thru IM1202
IM1203 thru IM1222
IM1223 thru IM1242
IM1243 thru IM1264
IM1265 thru IM1285
IM1286 thru IM1305
IM1306 thru IM1325
IM1326 thru IM1345
IM1346 thru IM1366
IM1367 thru IM1386
IM1387 thru IM1406
IM1407 thru IM1426
IM1427 thru IM1446
IM1447 thru IM1454
IM1455 thru IM1474
IM1475 thru IM1494
IM1495 thru IM1514
IM1515 thru IM1534
IM1535 thru IM1556
IM1557 thru IM1576
IM1577 thru IM1596
IM1597 thru IM1616
IM1617 thru IM1636
IM1637 thru IM1656
IM1657 thru IM1674


Because monitors vary, we suggest that the color chips that you see on your screen be used as a reference only.